The Kroova team




Dan is an engineer with a passion for sailing and integrating engineering theory with practical hands on learning.

After graduating Bucknell University with a bachelors degree in civil/structural engineering, Dan went on to pursue a masters degree in yacht and small craft design from the University of Southampton in England. After sailing a Transatlantic race back to the USA, Dan worked for two years with Reichel Pugh Yacht Design (RP) as a structural engineer and naval architect. While there, Dan was fortunate to be able to draw upon the vast experience of RP to elevate his engineering and naval architecture skill set. Dan was the lead engineer on a 68 ft performance cruising yacht, and also provided engineering support on the RP130 "My Song" and the RP90 "All Smoke".

After his time at RP Dan went on become a founding partner of Kroova LLC. While not working on the latest engineering project or sailing Dan can be found climbing, skiing and hiking in the Eastern Sierra. 



Max is a mechanical engineer born and raised in Tiverton, RI where he has spent countless hours on, in, and above the water. Whether it’s racing high performance sailboats or foiling around on a kiteboard, he is never far from the ocean.

Although many disciplines of engineering pique his interest, Max concentrates on the design and construction of composite structures. Known to have too many projects, a few of things he has designed and built include: foiling kiteboards/paddleboards, various A class catamaran components, SCOUT (autonomous boat), many RC planes and boats, a CNC router, and most recently a CNC filament winder.



While Dylan engages in a variety of projects, he specializes in embedded system development. Raised in Tiverton RI, Dylan has relocated to San Diego for work in the unmanned autonomous marine systems industry.

Making use of a wide set of design tools, Dylan is particularly interested in the potential for elegance in the implementation of electronic systems. This elegance may be found in a particularly low power, small size solution, or one designed to tolerate harsh environments and make use of redundancies to improve device uptime.

Dylan enjoys a variety of activities and finds opportunities to create new electronic widgets everywhere, whether it be a suspension travel datalogger for his mountain bike, a massively bright red flashlight for night hikes in the forest, or a "Jack Sparrow" compass app that points to the nearest pub.




Mike is a frequent associate and collaborator with the Kroova team. Having grown up in the same Tiverton culture of water adventures and garage tinkering he shares the same project passion that drives the Kroova team. Mike is currently a computer science master’s student at CU Boulder and specializes in controls and automation projects. See more of Mike’s work at: