Tf10 control systems upgrade package


The TF10 is a high-performance foiling trimaran that has flown its way onto center stage in the last two years. This one design class illustrates the promising future of foiling technology.

Kroova has developed a foil control upgrades package that includes precise digital position feedback on all four hydrofoils and outboard foil control boxes. This provides the ability to control the foils from normal crew positions while sailing.


The package is designed and built for durability and ease of maintenance in the harsh saltwater environment.

Along with the core functionality, the foil systems package provides an architecture for incorporating future system improvements such as partial foil automation, multiple foil feedback displays, and other ease of use systems.

Project Lead Mike Flanigan provides both on-site and remote support for the TF10 Systems Upgrade package.

If you’d like more information about this package, let us know.