With complex geometry and high loads, foil bearings are a critical component onboard any high performance yacht.

Orma 60 Foil Design and Manufacture

RFB Airflow Visualization

Airflow visualization on a 100% electric foiling powerboat.

RFB Airflow Visualization

RC Foiling Trimaran

Build and design of a 1.2 meter remote controlled foiling trimaran.

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RC Foiling Trimaran

Hydrofoil Design and Build

Custom hydrofoil design and build of a low speed, high lift tow foil.

Hydrofoil Design and Build

Gunboat 62 Tiller Design

Wheel boat?
Not anymore.
Grab the stick.

Gunboat 62 Tiller Design


Repairs on Abracadabra, the 2000 Challenger to the Louis Vuitton Cup.

Abracadabra Main Sheet and Bulkhead Repair


The Kroova team helped coordinate between the design and sailing teams, using their practical experience and theoretical knowledge to help the project run smoothly.

RP63 Optimization Study

Steering Quadrant

Steering quadrant design and engineering.

Farr 400 and Beneteau Steering Quadrants

X-Foil Modeling

In collaboration with SDK Structures, modeling and design of a new rudder for Challenge, who went on to win the 2018 12 metre North American Championships.

12 Metre XFoil Modeling

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