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composites & electronics design and engineering services


Kroova is a design, engineering, and prototyping company. The team’s specialty is working on projects that integrate multiple engineering disciplines. The teams skill sets are in composite, mechanical, and electrical, design and engineering. We are primarily a service based company, offering solutions to complex engineering problems.

The Kroova team also plans to offer a number of low volume products to interested customers. These products are the result of the work we have done solving engineering problems, or are the results of personal projects that have helped hone our skills as an engineering team over the years.

The Kroova team consists of three individuals, Daniel Flanigan, Max Kramers, and Dylan Rodriguez. These three team members work alongside an experienced team of advisers. 

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Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 

Our Address is:

905 Diamond Street
San Diego, CA, 92109

Phone: 401-374-2637

Email: Dan@Kroova.com



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